We make weatherproof, natural wooden outdoor playground equipment that is guaranteed to last outdoors in your early childhood education centre and is fully certified to AS4685:2014 and AS/NZS4486 and NZS5828:2015.

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"The new Outdorable range is amazing"
The new Outdorable range is amazing. The teaching team and children are particularly enjoying the water features. It is beautifully made and looking resource. The Lego bricks are also great particularly for the younger children and for use on the grass. Very impressed. As one of the managers of 72 sites, I have been promoting the new range.
Nicki, West Rolleston   |  
Limited Timber Guarantee
Limited Timber Guarantee
Full Safety Certification
Full Safety Certification
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Most Items Delivered Pre-built
Delivered Pre-built*

Lasts for good?

We have listened to your desire to have natural wooden outdoor play equipment and furniture that lasts.  After extensive research and development, we are excited to reveal to you, Outdorable® weatherproof timber outdoor play products that are natural and will last for good. In fact, Outdorable® untreated timber is guaranteed for 25 years not to twist, shrink, warp or rot! outdorable.com/25-years

Stability and durability  

This Innovation in weatherproof wood technology uses an untreated and non-toxic process developed over many years. Extensive testing in many locations around the world has proved this weatherproof timber exceeds the class 1 category, which is the highest standard in timber durability. The process results in the timber being able to resist moisture. Forming an effective barrier to insect attack; it is indigestible to microorganisms and insects and therefore more durable to wood-destroying fungi and virtually rot-proof. outdorable.com/timber

Nontoxic and environmentally friendly

It’s so safe you could eat it, although please don’t if you want it to last! We think all children deserve outdoor play equipment and furniture that's free of nasty chemicals used in standard treated timber. Especially outdoor products their bare skin comes in contact with while playing and eating on. The only by-product of this wood technology is acetic acid (vinegar). The timber we use to make Outdorable furniture with holds all the eco-labels you could ever wish for; it’s a 100% green process and only sourced from FCS certified sustainable forest of fast-growing timber such as NZ Radiata Pine. outdorable.com/environment

Care and maintenance 

This timber naturally weathers to a silvery grey if left un-oiled. Any surface treatment is solely for aesthetics. Now you can confidently hose down your tables after making mud pies! Learn more at outdorable.com/timber

Safety and Certification 

All Outdorable® outdoor movable wooden play equipment is AS4685:2014 and AS/NZS4486 and NZS5828:2015 safety certified. Learn more at outdorable.com/safe


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